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1.  Objectives

2.  Introduction
3.  Topic Sentences
4.  Supporting Sentences
5.  Concluding Sentences
6.  Expanded Paragraphs

To pass the AIT writing test you need to be able to write academic paragraphs.  In
this online tutorial you will learn about writing academic paragraphs.

At the end of this online tutorial you should be able to:

i.  define what a paragraph is, and list the three main parts of a paragraph,

ii.  identify topic sentences in written paragraphs,

iii.  identify support sentences in written paragraphs, and,

iv.  identify appropriate concluding sentences.

This online tutorial will help you to write well structured paragraphs with clear topic
sentences, and appropriate supporting sentences.

*Note: The example paragraph used for this tutorial was obtained from existing LC materials with no referencing.  If you are
aware of any possible copyright infringement pleae contact the Language Center.


The AIT Language Center - 2011